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At TCNF, we represent injured and disabled people in Portland, Oregon. We use our legal work and community activism to improve the lives of working and injured people by advocating for safe communities and work practices, fair benefits and full compensation.

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Personal Injury

Doctor Treating Hand Injury

Our trial attorneys have a winning track record in jury trials representing injured individuals, families of the impaired, and the loved ones of those who've been critically injured or killed in accidents.

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Social Security

Social security benefits form

Are you unable to work due to physical or mental health problems? Our Social Security disability attorneys can help you apply for benefits and navigate the appeals process.

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Workers' Compensation

Construction works laying wire

We can help you navigate Oregon's workers’ compensation system, understand your options, and receive your benefits.

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Concerned About Losing Medicaid Coverage? Call Congress.

We have received many calls from clients who are concerned about losing their Medicaid health coverage under ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act).  If you are…

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2017 Cost-of-Living Increase for Social Security

After receiving no cost-of-living increase (COLA) in 2016, the nation’s elderly and disabled Social Security recipients will get a .3 percent increase in payments in…

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Bicycle riders are granted an important right to travel upon Oregon’s roads from the “Bicyclist Bill of Rights” contained in ORS 814.430. This law provides…

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Pedal Power: Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists

If you ride a bike in Oregon, this guide is for you. Know your rights and responsibilities on the road.

Oregon Pedestrian Rights: A Guide for Persons on Foot

Walking on two legs is the original and definitive human transportation. Unfortunately, motorized vehicles often endanger pedestrians. It up to our laws and regulations to keep Oregonians' safe.

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