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A Look at STCN Lawyer Chris Frost’s Current Projects

Chris Frost leads Swanson, Thomas, Coon & Newton’s workers’ compensation practice area for people with on-the-job injuries. Along with representing injured workers in workers’ compensation cases, Chris Frost has been involved in a few projects we wanted to share with you.

Chris Frost has been working with vocational counselors to draft a bill that allows injured workers to get additional time loss benefits up to 21 months for vocational programs, up from 16 months.

She also participated in a Jobs with Justice Worker’s Rights Board gathering to welcome new executive director Karly Edwards and say good-bye to Margaret Butler who is stepping down after 16 years. Jobs with Justice (JwJ) is a league of labor organizations and community groups that have come together to fight for and protect workers’ rights and economic justice. To learn more about Jobs with Justice, visit www.jwjpdx.org.

As co-chair of OTLA’s Workers’ Compensation section, Chris Frost has been working to help push through statutory reforms on time-loss and overpayment issues. The OTLA (Oregon Trial Lawyers Association) advocates for the rights of consumers by promoting workers’ rights, patient safety, and safer products. To learn more about OTLA, visit www.oregontriallawyers.org.

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